This 46-Year-Old Grandma Stopped Eating All Food Except Fruit And Her Transformation Is Unbelievable

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46-year-old grandmother Belinda White from Yorkshire, UK, claims to have “the body of an athlete” and to be “the real life Benjamin Button”, all because she eats nothing but fruit.

Belinda, who believes she now looks half her age, is a mom-of-three, yoga teacher, and singer who’s ditched cigarettes, processed food, and meat and dairy from her diet.


She learned about nutrition from documentaries such as Earthlings and Vegucated, and, overnight, turned her family vegan — she even threatened to leave her husband if he didn’t change his eating habits.

“I was so strong about it that I was prepared to end my relationship with him, which sounds extreme,” she says, “But to be intimate with someone and share the body smells …; when you become a vegan, you don’t have the same BO or breath.”

Belinda also claims the diet cured her fibromyalgia, reduced her pain from osteoarthritis by “95 per cent” and boosted her energy levels.


“It is almost like returning to my youth. I feel like I have turned the clock backwards. it’s incredible. I look like I’m 28 but I am 46.”

“I’ve lost about two stone and my partner lost around two stone and had terrible psoriasis all over his body which has now cleared considerably.”

“Before, I just felt old. Since doing this, I take no medication and I’m teaching yoga four time s a week. My physical body has gone like it was when I was in my twenties. My cellulite has dissolved and my pain from arthritis has been reduced.”

“I feel better in every way. I am the female Benjamin Button,” she added.


For breakfast, Belinda eats half a watermelon and drinks water with lemon juice, before heading to work with two giant flasks of smoothies made from eight bananas, dates, and frozen mangoes.

For a typical dinner, she’ll have an avocado, cherry tomatoes, mung beans, and peppers, with a big glass of orange juice. She snacks on energy balls made of medjool dates, cashew nuts, raw cocoa powder, and coconut.

Belinda says her doctors have been blown away by the improvement in her health, telling her she has the body of an athlete.

“A few years ago, I would have considered veganism to be very extreme. But the effects on me have been amazing.”


“I got a doctor to test everything and my results were just so good and incredible that the hospital said I was like an athlete.”

“I realized that the number one killer in our country is heart disease caused by high cholesterol and, in my opinion, meat and dairy cause this type of blockage.”

“People should do what I’ve done because I believe that each and every person who hears them, something inside them realizes that is it the truth.”

“Every single person deserves the right to a heathy life. I want to be the example. I want people to see me and my children and be inspired.”


Although Belinda’s two sons, Tom, 18, and Joe, 13, were initially reluctant to ditch burgers and ice cream, they are both now vegan.

“Anyone who is suffering should try this,” advises Belinda, “Something inside of you instinctively knows it will help.”