SHE was 80 YEARS old AND no gray hair! THE SECRET IS IN THIS beverage

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These days it is truly important to purify the toxins from your body. Between the best approaches to that is the treatment with the best method for detoxification – wheat grass or wheatgrass. Wheat grass acts like a perfect sun energy, and only 7.5 grams has the same nutrition value like 175 grams of celery, carrots or lettuce. Its cleaning power was known during the pharaohs’ period.SHE was 80 YEARS old AND no gray hair! THE SECRET IS IN THIS beverage

Today, as we face every day stress, contaminated environment, unsafe radiation and unhealthy food, one of the most important things than has ever become ever is detoxification.

If you feel hard and tired and you’re continually distractive, purging the body with wheat grass can assist you with recovering your energy and enhance your health.

Here are some signs that you need detoxification:


Skin problems

Odor and unpleasant body odor

Flatulence and gases



Excessive weight gain or weight loss



Fatigue, poor concentration, poor memory

Premature aging

The benefits of wheat grass

Wheat grass has more than 100 components necessary for individuals, and between them there are important enzymes, antioxidants and the essential fatty acids.

About 70 percent of the composition of wheat grass is chlorophyll, and that’s one of the most important elements. It is essential for removing heavy metals and toxins from your body. there are also minerals iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium and the vitamins B, B17, C, F, K, E, A.

Wheat grass can enlarge the quantity of red blood cells, clean the blood and many different organs and stimulates the digestion system. Because of the high concentration of chlorophyll supplements the blood with oxygen. Efficiently cleans the liver and removes toxins. It can stimulate the thyroid gland and lessens the acidity of the body.

The juice of wheat grass back color with gray

Great benefit of consuming fresh wheat grass juice is also the thing that it can slow down the growth of gray hair, and restore the gray hair to natural color.

She did not have any gray and she was 82!

Dr. Ann Wigmore was first to promote the drinking juice of young green cereal. She studied in detail the curing properties of wheatgrass juice and in detail describedand developed the procedure of developing wheatgrass in shallow holders at home or at some other place. She made and modest juicer for wheatgrass to make this mixture of life accessible for everybody.

She didn’t had any gray hair even that she was 82 years! It was incredible to the point that the studentsaskedfor a piece of her hairtoexamine in the laboratory. The test demonstrated that it was her natural shading!

The juice of wheat grass is an incredible blood cleanser and aides in revival and recovery of our skin.

Wheat grass offers a wide range of health and medicinal benefits, because of the high content of chlorophyll and amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Begin with a 30 ml of juice for each day; and you can increase to 30 ml twice each day.

Here’s how to grow wheat grass:

  1. Leave the wheat seeds to soak for 8-12 hours.
  2. Put the seeds in the glass jar; wash them three times during the next 24 hours.
  3. When you notice the first emerges, plant the seeds.
  4. Pour the planted wheat and cover the jar during the first three days and water the wheat well in the morning every day and spray it in the evening.
  5. On the fourth day open the jar.
  6. In order to avoid mold and maintain the perfect temperature for the wheat is 21C to 26C. In case mold appears, you must plant another wheat grass.
  7. The wheat grass can be cut when it grows about 20 centimeters. Two days before harvesting expose it to the sun so synthesis does its job for chlorophyll.
  8. Use new seed, for other growths.
  9. You can get the juice of wheat grass by putting it into a juicer or grind into a blender and add some water.

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