One Skillet Creamy Chicken Dinner [VIDEO]

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This week has been hella-crazy as I’m gearing up for the book shoot. Yay — so close to finishing. I want to scream with excitement and relief, but instead I made this one skillet creamy chicken because I had hungry kids looking at me with pleading eyes. Okay, maybe not that dramatic. But it’s what a guilty mom feels like.

Lucky for me this dish delivered big time and all was good in my home again . . . phew!! Naturally because of that this will be on repeat for the next two nights (and I have a flat of chicken from Costco to work through).

Because it’s crazy easy, so you’ll have to watch the video to see just how easy. And because it’s crazy good, so, you’ll just have to make it.

Side note: It’s a one skillet recipe minus the mash potatoes. A very clear headed viewer pointed that out. I totally brain faded! The photo is somewhat misleading since the potatoes are featured with it. But in my defense, I overlooked that thinking you could serve this with anything like: cauliflower rice, cannellini beans, simple rice or just about anything or nothing.

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