Microwave Lipstick And Wax, You Get Something You’ll Use Every Day

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There are few things that are more annoying than having chapped lips. Whether it”s winter and the wind has taken its toll on your pout, or the hot summer months that leave you with a dehydrated pucker, dry lips can be frustrating and even painful. There seems to be a million products out there that claim to fix the issue, but with so many options, the skincare aisle can be hard to navigate. Instead of trying to figure out the difference between “intensive care” and “total moisture” ChapSticks, why not try making your own lip balm at home? You can even upcycle old containers and lipsticks (to add some color to the mix)! Watch the video below and learn how to make an all-natural balm at home.

(source WhatsUpMoms)

This tutorial is so simple, and it”s a great way to upcycle old lip balm containers and lipsticks. I”m sure you could pour the mixture into a regular ChapStick cylinder, too. My favorite essential oil is lavender, but I have a hard time finding lavender scented balms. I”m going to make my own at home now that I”ve seen this video!

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