12 Remdies To Make Thin Hair Look Stunningly Thick

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5. Ever seen girls with long, fat braids that you’re jealous of? You can make your own macro braids instead of sad, wispy ones by using the “pancake” technique on braids. You pull each part of the braid and loosen it so it’s a more relaxed boho look that also makes the braid look twice as thick!

6. Try to air dry, and if you must use a blow-dryer, use a diffuser, and blow upside down to maximize volume at the roots. Blow drying on high can cause split ends and actually make your hair flatter rather than voluminous, which you might think a blow-out would do. Stay gentle and the volume will come your way.

7. Mousse is actually your best friend! Comb it through damp hair so not crunchy (never use it on dry or apply clumps) and use a natural brand that is also volumizing to avoid that hard feeling. It will fatten up your strands and make your hair less prone to that flat look while it dries.


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