12 Remdies To Make Thin Hair Look Stunningly Thick

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8. Sneak in hair clips and bobby pins to your pony tail for an up-do with immediate added volume. You can do this by separating a pony in half, placing the clip inside, and covering with more hair for a more elegant ponytail take on the bump-it.

9. Stop putting conditioner on your roots. You might think conditioner will nourish your hair, hence plumping it up, but in reality, it’s weighing it down! You can remedy this by avoiding the roots when you condition, and only conditioning the lower 3/4 of your hair.

10. Try for the overnight effect. If sleeping with wet hair isn’t an issue for you, wash your hair before bed and add in volumizing gel when it’s damp. Then, twist it in but over your hair (put on a cap or beanie to avoid frizz). In the morning, blow dry it – first in the bun for a couple of minutes to hold the bounce, then taking it down and drying the rest – hair will look immediately thicker and bouncer than usual.


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